David Dik

You would think that after the enormously damaging and reckless ‘stunt’ by Andre Leite Alves of Aware Bear Computers people would know better than to Photoshop themselves into my office pictures and pass it off as theirs. It seems some people are just not capable of learning much and just willingly fling themselves into a position to be placed on the “hall of shame” of “office infringement” (or, in this most recent case, the hall of shame of triple-P (pathetic pretentious pretenders) type individuals). 🙂

This is NOT ME but a pathetic pretentious pretender named DAVID DIK.

The above image was discovered on the about page of Linado. A website still under construction with a domain that is registered to David Dik on Zum Laakkanal 4 in Rostock, Germany. Further research shows that David Dik either is, or pretends to be, a web designer of some sort that resides in Germany but appears to prefer the Russian language for his website and has links to places like this and this which appears to be sites about Kabbalah “the science and purpose of life”. I’m not sure whether David Dik has found his purpose in life but at this point in time I would have to conclude that David Dik’s purpose in life is to become known as a fraud and a pretender who likes to impress his potential clients with an office that’s not his, instead of his (perhaps incredibly lacking?) web design skills.

The original image from my “office 5.0” page

Perhaps David Dik’s purpose in life is to be better at Photoshopping himself into my office than Andre Leite Alves of Aware Bear Computers in Rochester has been. Clearly David Dik’s attempt at doing so has been better in overall quality yet does not escape the eternal ridicule he may now have to suffer as a consequence of it. Sorry Mr. Dik, but it’s not a contest. If it were a contest you might actually win a prize, though. Except it’s not the recognition of that prize that you probably wanted to invite upon yourself. I guess the Kabbalah doesn’t teach anything about copyright infringement or might not have any good advice such as “you shouldn’t steal… theft is bad”. Or maybe it does but David Dik hasn’t studied that part yet. The Russian text under the image on his about page translates to “I love my work. It’s my hobby!” but it isn’t clear what his hobby involves, except of course, pasting an image of himself in other people’s environments in order to create the perception and appearance of success or hardware overkill?

Maybe I should be tipped off once a month so I could make this a recurring feature on my blog; adding new members to the “eternal hall of shame”. Maybe add online polls to each post so visitors could vote on a scale of 1 to 10 in categories such as “level of pathetic” and “quality of faked image”. Hell, I could be starting a whole new trend here! 🙂

The original image above seems to be particularly popular for individuals and companies that wish to use it without permission as there is currently another, much more serious, matter of copyright infringement for commercial purposes that’s being handled and that I might be publishing about in the near future. The company at the center of this is currently being contacted in a much more serious manner. Depending on the outcome I would say, stay tuned.