JLBCTech Houston Computer Repair

JLBCTech, Houston Texas, Cardoza, Computer Repair and Services, misleading advertising material

Jonathan, Bessy, and Jusue Cardoza of JLBCTech in Houston, TX claimed on their site that I am a customer of theirs! That’s a lie.

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Jared Grey of MultiPlex PC

MultiPlex PC and Jared Grey BUSTED!!!

Jared Grey of MultiPlexPC for all your Multi Monitors and dishonest plugs on other websites and in comments.

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Aware Bear Computers Again

Awarebear Computers Rochester Shamed For Copyright Infringement

Habitual liar and copyright infringer, Andre Leite Alves, of Aware Bear Computers in Rochester, is at it again and now also a habitual perjurer.

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Gerald Jameson YourLocalTechGuy

Gerald Jameson Your Local Tech Guy caught conducting copyright infringement

Ger­ald Jame­son wants to be your local tech guy. And with ‘over 20 years expe­ri­ence’ he can now add copyright infringement to the list.

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EndeverouX at NextGenUpdate

EndeverouX on NextGenUpdate (NGU) and his ONYX 3.56 CFW PS3 is a complete fraud!

EndeverouX is accused of being a fraud and then uses my office to attempt to gain credibility. Someone worthy of the title “loser”, for sure.

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Shami Haq Innovative Consulting Group

Shami Haq (Ihtisham Ul Haq) Innovative Consulting Group

Innovative Consulting. Ihtisham (Shami) Ul Haq. An illegal business with suspicious addresses that vanish when the fraud is detected.

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Qld. Connectors & Cables

Qld Connectors & Cables Shamed For Copyright Infringement

Qld Connectors & Cables used an image of my office to promote the sales of a product that has no relevance to my setup. That’s false advertising!

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Astucemedia Montreal Shamed For Copyright Infringement

Astucemedia stealing content. Fraudulent misrepresentation and blatant copyright infringement by a broadcast graphics company in Montreal.

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Rosalyn (Ros) Kaspi

Rosalyn (Ros) Kaspi Shamed For Copyright Infringement

Ros (Rosalyn) Kaspi and something called Travel Ventures International (TVI) have a history of copyright infringement and the theft of images. Not just mine!

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Terrapad Shamed For Copyright Infringement and Unresponsiveness

TeraPad is a company that wishes to be liable for the actions of its "free site" users by being completely unresponsive to DMCA and abuse notification.

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David Dik

David Dik of Linado Shamed For Copyright Infringement

David Dik of Linado is just one of those pathetic people who likes to fool people by pretending my office is his. Not even good at Photoshop! Inferiority complex, David?

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Cybernet Charleston Shamed For Copyright Infringement

CyberNet Charleston Caught stealing an image to make their business look more impressive or otherwise misrepresent their tech support and operational network.

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Louis Darling

Louis Darling Shamed For Misrepresenting Intended Use

It’s because of people like Louis Darling (aussie4me) that I no longer allow people to use my images for private non-commercial use. And you can read why!

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Transworld International

Transworld Youth Organization Shamed For Being a TOTAL SCAM

This organization is running some kind of “Nigerian” scam that takes peoples information and money for their own personal gain. Beware! These con-artists are still active!

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Andre Leite Alves

Andre Leite Alves of Aware Bear Computers Shamed For Copyright Infringement

The owner of Aware Bear Computers. Fakes awards and reviews. Tried incompetent tricks to halt continued exposure of his misrepresentation.

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Awarebear Computers

Awarebear Computers Rochester Shamed For Copyright Infringement

The worst offender of them all. Well known for faking their own awards and reviews. Tried every dirty trick in the book to stop their continued exposure.

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Bernard Hellinga

Bernard Hellinga Shamed For Copyright Infringement

Bernard Marius Hellinga from Ermelo in The Netherlands created two TV commercials in which he passed off my office as their production studio.

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