JLBCTech Houston Computer Repair

Thanks to someone who recognized the picture of my office and e-mailed me about it we have yet another contestant for the annual hall of shame awards for being the crummiest office thief. This time it’s a company called JLBCTech, located at 1200 Smith St, Suite #1600, Houston, Texas 77002 (713-623-1266). According to the blog associated with their business website for JLBCTech;

We provide computer support in Houston with both Home Offices and Small Business since 2007 and we have been fortunate to be to work with some amazing home office setups. Here’s a small collection of some of our clients that have home offices that have blown our minds and redefined the word Home Office

JLBCTech, Houston Texas, Cardoza, Computer Repair and Services, misleading advertising material

The crap above was posted by them on September 21, 2012. So let me get this straight, then. The text above comes associated with a picture of my home office. A home office that, based on the pictures used, was located in THE NETHERLANDS (and is currently being moved to California) and most certainly not in Houston, TX.

Even more offensive is the fact that JLBCTech claims the pictures on their site are of home offices of “some of their clients”. That’s news to me because I certainly am not, nor ever will be, a client of this JLBCTech place. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them based on how they have taken images from different places, clearly without permission, and then using them to make their business look either interesting or “high tech” to those who may not know any better. Where I’m from we have a word for companies and folks like that; scammers!

If you look at the other offices they have on their site you may suspect that these people at JLBCTech are pretty big LIARS. If you look at the image titled “Home Office in The Woodlands” you may recognize the office as belonging to Mickey Slater in Portland Oregon. Likewise, the image titled “Mac Setup in Home Office in The Woodlands TX. Apart from the beautiful Mac Setup that this is, what caught our eye was the custom chair…Very relaxing chair” actually belongs to Carl-Johan Kihlbom from Sweden.

JLBCTech, Houston Texas, Cardoza, Computer Repair and Services, misleading advertising materialThe company JLBCTech is run by Jonathan Cardoza, Bessy Cardoza, Josue Cardoza and Sergio Meza, according to the website’s “about” page. I assume these Cardoza’s are all family. They might not be, but if they are, then I must conclude that copyright infringement and lying must “run in the family” because certainly, any of these people at JLBCTech Computer Repair must have been very aware that these offices are not of their so-called “clients”.

JLBCTech reminds me a lot of AwareBear Computers (a computer repair place in Pittsford, New York). They claim to do virus removal, data recovery, small business solutions, and Web Design and SEO Social Media. Again, I should warn everyone reading this to ever do any business with a company that so clearly lies about their stuff and have no problem using copyrighted material they have had no permission to use. You want these people to design your site? So you can be liable for whatever material they might integrate on it?

It is almost creepy to see how much JLBCTech reminds me of Andre Alves and AwareBear. Maybe there is something really wrong with a lot of these types of “computer repair” places that appear to have a need to show off things they have absolutely no involvement in. I wonder if it’s a virus that’s going around at these places. Clearly it’s a virus they have not been able to remove and will need a little extra “help”.


Jared Grey of MultiPlex PC

This is an article to educate you, my readers, about copyright infringement, but also to have some satirical laughs at the expense of a copyright infringer who might not have foreseen how copyright matters could be the trigger that uncovers more about your business than you would want people to notice. You will learn:

  • What does not work in defense of Copyright Infringement.
  • Why you should never hire an SEO company to SPAM the internet.
  • Why, if you engage in other questionable business behavior, you should hope to never run into someone who happens to be adequately capable of exposing that.

Jared Grey, the Copyright Infringer

MultiPlex PC in Orlando Florida, owned by Jared Gray, BUSTED for image theftIt came as a bit of a surprise to me (thanks for the tip Nathan!) to see thousands of web pages showing videos of a company called MultiPlex PC LLC (Orlando, Florida) that include a picture of my Home Office (the 5.0 version of that particular setup).

I was able to identify 6 videos, all of a similar nature, a slideshow of products and multi-monitor setups, used as a marketing vessel for the products and services of MultiPlexPC, that included this image of mine. And, as it appears they have been on there for over two years (since May 2009, to be exact). And of course, the videos and images on the MultiPlex PC Blog also reflected that, as you can see here.

When searching for videos using MultiPlexPC as the keyword it became very clear that YouTube was not the only place these videos and MultiPlex PC’s “marketing and advertising” could be found. Out of about 3100 results, half of them were all copies of those original YouTube videos, and about a fourth of all of those appear to be local copies and local uploads to various other video storage services. Still, the total number of domains that would need to receive a DMCA ran in the dozens. It seems MultiPlex PC really wanted to cover the entire internet wit their marketing goals.

Jared Grey of MultiPlexPC in Orlando Florida, BUSTED as an office thief!Of course, anyone using the images of my office, without permission, either willfully or by reckless behavior and committing an act of copyright infringement can understand that sooner or later such things tend to catch up with you.

And it certainly has for MultiPlex PC and its owner Jared Grey. A DMCA takedown notice had already been sent to YouTube while Mr. Grey, the owner of Orlando Florida based MultiPlex PC LLC responded to the matter.

Mr. Grey explained that they did “not have login credentials to the Youtube account anymore” and that “the email account associated with it had been hijacked some time ago” and “because there has been no documented revenue generated from the YouTube videos I did not find it advantageous to recover the account”.

Why would I care if the videos did or did not generate any revenue, documented or otherwise? 🙂

But what’s even funnier was the request for documented evidence that the pictures are actually mine. Or, as Mr. Grey put it;

“If I can recover the account I will remove the videos in question, but I will need to see documented (time stamped and watermarked photos should do) evidence that the pictures are actually yours and that you’re not simply claiming they are yours to try and generate income by threatening litigation.”

I can understand Jarod Grey’s desire to know that I am indeed who I say I am but asking for proof when anyone with access to a search engine could easily tell certainly made me laugh a bit. Of course, my attorney would be laughing even louder while presenting tons of volume of proof in court. 🙂

The Law

Mr. Jarod Grey of MultiPlexPC was very adamant in stating that he would not pay for monetary damages for the following reason;

“I find claim that a couple of pictures buried deep in a YouTube video are generating the kind of revenue for our business that you claim. Since you cannot prove that we have made money from the videos, and I can more likely prove that we haven’t”

Mr. Grey offered to remove the videos from YouTube, something which would have been taken care of by the DMCA that went out, and it became clear that once again we have encountered someone who is, indeed, ignorant about copyright law. After a little educational response it might have gotten a bit more clear, or perhaps not quite yet, but in case you are wondering why MultiPlex PC’s concept of not having had any financial gain from those advertisement videos does not hold water;

  • In the civil context, the term “willful” has a well established meaning and most courts use a “recklessness standard” to enhance statutory damages for copyright infringement. And while the statute does not define “willful”, it consistently defines it as including reckless behavior.
  • In a copyright infringement case you, as the owner of the material in question, do not always need to prove that the infringer profited from their actions. But it does help you build a better case and often gets you higher damages awarded. Instead, one can easily sue for punitive damages which are damages which punish the infringer for wrongful conduct.

Committing acts of copyright infringement as part of creating and spreading around video material used as marketing material or advertisements for your business, products, or services, does not require much effort to take to court. Depending on the situation the actual case itself may not require a lot of effort either.

A follow-up e-mail from Mr. Grey said that he was going to take care of removing the videos from YouTube (I guess the credentials had materialized quickly) but asked me why there is no public section on my website that presents the commercial licensing and cost of my images. Now that’s certainly one I never heard before. Probably because nobody else ever brought it up because it is quite irrelevant.

In a free market the owner of any property, intellectual or otherwise, can set whatever price they wish. And it may very well be that larger corporations end up paying more for something that smaller businesses can get cheaper.

The Cost of DMCA takedown notices

After a little further education, provided for free, to Mr. Jarod Grey of MultiPlex PC, I also made it clear that removing all the material from dozens of places through the DMCA process can become quite expensive because of the time and effort involved. And that I certainly did not see a valid enough reason why I should be picking up the tab for thousands of dollars worth of DMCA’ing.

In the meantime, Mr. Grey of MultiPlex PC has been going about removing videos from different places and told me that various SEO companies in the past might be responsible for the content having spread so widely over the internet.

That’s possible. It doesn’t absolve one from the responsibility and legal liability. And in this case it should be a lesson for everyone else that if you are not 100% sure of the source of the materials you use, and there is a chance that you might have been infringing on someone’s copyright, that having an SEO company help you spread the material far and wide is likely to only further harm you down the line.

The “we’re a poor company, don’t sue us” approach

Mr. Grey told me they did not “have any money to pay” me and that with their small margins the profits go back into “trying to grow” (the company) and “paying bills”. Well, welcome to small business 101. That sums up the bulk of all small businesses. But, of course, is not an excuse for copyright infringement. Mr. Grey also informed me that they didn’t have money for an attorney to battle a lawsuit, would not do any more than remove the videos in question (before I provided only a partial list of those I had found), and that I should feel free to sue because if I get a default judgment there’d be no money anyway. So being poor and defenseless is now a good enough excuse for copyright infringement? 🙂

At that point the decision is up to me, of course, but you have to wonder how much of what Jarod said is true and how much is just a collection of words in order to discourage someone from spending a few bucks on a lawsuit that yields nothing at all. After a quick round of investigating Jared Grey and MultiPlex PC I am currently convinced that this is not a very trustworthy individual.

It is possible that the cost of engaging in a discovery process during a legal case would show otherwise. But the first thing I recommend doing is to dig up as much information about the other party before making any decisions. And this is where it gets really interesting because the behavior of Mr. Jared Grey of MultiPlex PC in Orlando Florida, claiming to be “The Leader in Multiple Monitors” and being a computer building company dedicated to providing the avid market trader, video game enthusiast, poker player, engineers, and graphic artists with “unmatched computer buying experience”, has started to show some really interesting and deceptive practices.

What Trading Technology Review wrote about MultiPlex PC

Others already exposed Jared Grey of MultiPlex PC in Orlando FloridaThe Trading Technology Review website, owned by Market Pirates LLC, has made some very observant comments about MultiPlex PC, LLC. Please allow me to highlight some of those here;

“It is interesting that they offer a FXBootCamp trading computer since Wayne McDonell (the owner of FXBootCamp) just bought a trading computer from another vendor.”

“They show a number of companies under the heading “A Few Companies that trust us…”. This statement seems to be a stretch since we know that some of them have strong relationships with other computer vendors.”

“You will need to pay an extra $200 to get a 3 year warranty with on-site service. the warranty is listed as “complete” and not “limited”. There is no legal definition of a warranty that is “complete”. The correct legal term is “full”. I don’t think they know what they are getting into with their lack of legal understanding.”

“Like many who aren’t, they call themselves “The Leader in Multiple Monitors!””

After my little bit of research I have to agree with Trading Technology Review. Those who call themselves leaders in anything usually aren’t. Those who say they are the most trusted usually aren’t. And the comment that MultiPlex PC has a lack of legal understanding is something I became quite aware of when I received the initial response from the founder and CEO, Mr. Jarod Grey. It is a bad idea to be in business without at least basic legal knowledge about your products and services.

Meet Jared Grey, the trader who is raking in the money!

Jared Grey of MultiPlex PC pretends to make money and then says they are a poor companyHow about this one? An article on Ezine@rticles from someone who recently upgraded their computer to run multiple monitors and noticed a great improvement in their day trading productivity. The article claims “Since I have upgraded to just 4 monitors instead of 1 I have made an extra $24,000 this year”.

But then also mentions “If you’re in the market to purchase a day trading computer and multiple monitors, check out Multiplex PC”.

Does it surprise you that the article is attributed to someone named Jared Grey?

The somewhat incoherent writing of the article could be interpreted in different ways but to me it reads as if Jared was trying to get some internet marketing going while trying not to be too outrageously blatant about using a place like Ezine@rticles to post pure advertisements (like many others do and will use it for).
But that was back in November 2008. Jared Grey has certainly picked up on how to do more of it and I will show you exactly how in the next paragraphs.

How Jarod Grey of MultiPlex PC tries to get sales

Disclosure is everything. Posting comments and statements online, pretending you are a satisfied customer of a business, not disclosing that you either work for the business or own it, is a very bad thing to do. Because sooner or later it comes out and your reputation is forever destroyed by your own actions.

Even if at some later time a miracle occurs and real customers, if there are any, would start posting raving reviews of your products, people would no longer believe it because it is entirely possible that those too are fake. Don’t believe me? Just ask Andre Leite Alves of Aware Bear Computers in Pittsford New York just how he dug his own grave with that one.

MultiPlex PC Orlando Florida TOTALLY BUSTED!!!

Here is a comment on a blog article about multiple monitor setups. Notice the inclusion there to my old 5.0 setup over at another site? Notice anything about the name of the person leaving the above comment? Yes, jgreyorl is short for Jarod Grey Orlando, as in Orlando Florida. You can find a lot of interesting things if you search for that short name and many of the things you find will lead straight back to MultiPlex PC in some form.

Also notice how Jarod Grey is pretending he recently bought a triple monitor array and plugs MultiPlex PC in there with a link to the site?

“Glad to see other people putting their rigs up for us to see”, however, I’m not sure how to interpret that because to me it actually reads more like “Great to see pictures of stuff we can grab and use in our advertisement videos because we clearly have nothing of our own to show so we will just pretend we have been involved in any of the setups of which we just stole the images and we hope nobody is ever going to find out”.

Someone always finds out. And if your past behavior is like this, and if that is the way you wish to run your business, then don’t start crying when your business ends up losing any reputation it might have gained in the future.

Jared Grey of MultiPlex PC copyright infringement

At about.com there is a similar post by a similar “jgreyorl”. Asking to see more pictures of multi monitor setups that his “fellow day traders” use. Asking for images so there would be fresh material to grab and use for the commercial purposes of MultiPlex PC? And again, in this post Jared Grey once again plugs his business without actually disclosing that he is the owner.

I would not trust MultiPlex PC and Jared Grey after all this crap

Over at ecoustics.com Mr. Grey responds to someone and tells them to try out MultiPlex PC because “THEY” have much better products. Why would the owner of MultiPlex PC have a need to refer to his own company as “THEY” instead of “I” or “WE”? Oh, because he was once again trying to not be too blatantly obvious about him plugging his business everywhere he can and doing so in a very “spammy way”!

Jared of MultiPlex PC PRETENDING to write as his own customer

And there the deceptive Mr. Jarod Grey of MultiPlex PC is doing it again! Passing himself off as a satisfied customer and this time trying to cover it up by saying “I spoke to all the other companies out there and Kevin at Multiplex PC was super nice and helpful.”.

Uhm, if there is a Kevin there, which there might be, I don’t know, why would Jared need to refer to him in this particular way? And why would the owner of MultiPlex PC need to speak to all the other companies out there only to decide to buy from his own company? Jared, you’re busted again!

MultiPlex PC Multi Monitor Company by Jared Gray, deceitful practices on the internet

OK, just because you like reading how Jared Grey has completely failed to realize that doing this stuff under his own name is generally something that only really stupid con-artists end up doing, let’s have another one. Over at the trade2win forums, Jared Grey “personally recommends MultiPlexPC” because he “purchased a Proplex 2100 from them” and because “they burn-in the components for 24-48 hours”. Once again, posted jgreyorl, once again using “they” to refer to the company he owns.

It’s getting a bit boring now, isn’t it? Feel free to google around yourself and see just how much more of this you can stand to laugh at. Of course, Mr. Grey might only now realize, gee, what if I do all that and instead use different names and… oh, wait, I might actually be educating Mr. Grey again and I don’t think it would be in anyone’s best interest for him to get better at this tactic of trying to do business. Even Project Honey Pot has an interesting bit on Jared and MultiPlex PC and the spam violations it implies:

The Project Honey Pot system has detected behavior from the IP address consistent with that of a comment spammer. Below we’ve reported some other data associated with this IP. This interrelated data helps map spammers’ networks and aids in law enforcement efforts

Of course, anyone googling Jarod Grey or MultiPlexPC are very likely to arrive on this site where, probably, after this exposure, it is difficult to believe anyone would believe an honest post or actual review by an actual customer because Jarod has soiled his market by trying to increase sales this way. Ah, well, live and learn.

The moral of this story should be clear if you made it this far. Never have an SEO company bloat and spread your marketing materials and advertisements if they contain copyrighted material that you are not authorized to use. Also, never step on the copyrights of someone who really does take it seriously and will investigate a little before making any decisions regarding lawsuits. And whatever you do, don’t do any of these things in public view on the internet where it remains forever-and-ever to haunt you.


Aware Bear Computers Again

Our favorite habitual liar and serial copyright infringer, Andre Leite Alves, of Aware Bear Computers in Rochester, is at it again and proving himself to now also be a habitual perjurer. And no, I am not talking about his Rochester Perennial Exchange “website”, which is nothing more than his attempt to link-build to gain a tiny bit of SEO juice in the hopes that all the negative exposure of his business activities and habitual lies would no longer score as high as they have done.

Andre Leite Alves of Aware Bear Computers, the moonlighting photographer, perjured himself AGAIN!

This week, Andre Leite Alves, Mr. AwareBear, has once again perjured himself, in an attempt to file a DMCA against this site and three of the images used (in good faith used under 17 USC Section 107 which allows for such considering the context of this site). This is not the first time Andre Alves has attempted to do so. Remember many years ago when he filed a false DMCA (against my domain registrar) claiming the images of my office were actually his and that I was the one infringing on them? Perjury might be something Andre Alves was born with but since I am not a doctor I don’t know that for sure. Lying and displaying deceit, however, that I think has long since been proven.

Scroll down to read the actual DMCA takedown notice that was filed.

Andre Alves is not the brightest bulb as most of you have already noticed. I can only imagine how much time and money Andre Leite Alves has spent (possibly from the Aware Bear business account) on the many feeble attempts at influencing search results. But the consistent and persistent failure of his efforts to accomplish anything is truly mindboggling. I also believe that Andre Leite Alves must think that my office is actually a time travel machine because he very seriously botched his DMCA attempt, like he botches a lot of things, just ask any displeased customer of Aware Bear Computers in Rochester.

It seems Andre Leite Alves really can’t do anything right!

Andre Leite Alves, a habitual liar and serial infringerPrior to filling out the DMCA, Andre Alves uploaded 3 images from this site. Images which at one point in the past (2009 and 2011 to be exact) were on the Aware Bear Rochester website. Then proceeded to create a blog post in WordPress and backdated it to December 7, 2007. Then labeled the images as (C) 2001-2012 to create the impression for the DMCA Agent that this site had taken them off of his site, and proceeded to state such, under penalty of perjury. Except what our clueless clown Andre Alves failed to pay attention to, because he is not really a detail oriented guy, is that images from 2009 and 2011 appear in his post that is dated several years prior to those.

I honestly do not have a time travel machine but I think Andre Alves believes I do. And for those of you paying attention, he botched one of the images even worse by having it in the 2012/03 upload folder. Anyone using WordPress will understand where I’m going with this. Images uploaded March 2012, in preparation for his false and incorrect DMCA filing, made to appear as if they were actually there in 2007. And he also needs people to believe there was no activity on his link-heavy blog between 2008 and 2011? Nice one, Andre! You must think other people are equally as dumb as you are.

Andre Alves, who appears to also moonlight as a “full time” wedding photographer (a full-time wedding photographer and full-time computer-repair guy, eh), must not understand digital images all that well because he clearly also forgot about things like date stamping and additional digital data embedded in those very image files. What that exactly means I will not explain because there is no reason to try and educate Andre Leite Alves. Instead I will just save this really good information for any situation where I may need them to pull the rug out of under any attempt at legal harassment. There are two other indicative issues with his DMCA attempt but those too, I will save for later. 🙂

What Andre Leite Alves (or should I refer to him as the Aware Bear that is unaware most of the time) also failed to think about is the fact that two of the images are cropped from the site they were originally on and are not the actual crop size of the images as they were at the time. It is nothing short of amazing that the exact crop is actually dated 2007 on his “blog” because they are clearly the exact crop I took. The old Aware Bear site(s) and content are probably not in Andre Leite Alves’ possession anymore so he didn’t notice it. Luckily, I always cache and copy everything just in case such is needed to provide proof and evidence. 🙂

Why did AwareBear Computers’ Andre Leite Alves spend $99 on a false filing?

So what’s up with these images and why would Andre Leite Alves spend $99 on trying to have them removed through the DMCA process? Nothing in particular, really. It is clear he attempted this as a “test” to see if it would work and if it did he could then proceed and start filing more false DMCA’s as long as he had a few dollars to spend on it. But the reason the habitual liar and serial infringer wanted the images gone is clear; they expose his habitual lies in a no uncertain manner.

The image that is a screenshot of one of his web pages, with the so-called testimonials on it for example. As already shown previously, testimonials from allegedly happy customers have been used throughout the years and attributed to different names at different stages during the changes of the Aware Bear Computers website(s). Also, the exact same text of the supposed testimonials has been found posted elsewhere and passed off as real testimonials, yet also attributed to different people in different places. Under 17 USC Section 107 I of course am showing exactly that.

The other two images have a bit more history to them. The first was taken from the Aware Bear website (in the state it was in at the time) to show that it was not just my office that Andre Leite Alves pretended was his. Also, a friendly and smart person e-mailed me with the links to the actual website designs in the image, as they belong to Template Monster and are not designs ever made by Aware Bear Computers. Ditto for the small image pasted into the monitor in that arrangement.

After I pointed that out and used the image to show this, Andre Leite Alves immediately modified the image on his website to contain an email address instead of the office and also took out the small design pasted in the monitor. He left the Monster Template images on there. Perhaps he bought those templates or decided he would take his chances. During that year the Aware Bear website underwent a lot of changes as Andre Leite Alves tried to wipe out all the obvious lies like claiming to be an official Apple Repair Center (yeah, right, ask Apple about that one).

Speaking of Apple. Did anyone notice the banner image at the top of Andre Leite Alves’ “link farm” blog? Do you feel you have seen that image before? That’s because you probably have. On Apple’s website! So clueless Andre can’t even build a “link-farm” blog without yet again using content he’s not authorized to use!

The full DMCA takedown notice as it had been received by my web host.

Please note that I have taken out the name and details of the copyright agent. As it turns out the actual filing was done through a 3rd party website and the chain of action on the DMCA is a little complicated to explain, nor really of any interest here. The copyright agent is someone I know and respect and it became increasingly clear what exactly transpired and what Andre Leite Alves attempted to accomplish.

Notice of Copyright Infringement
Received: 2012-03-26 21:42:02 from [name removed] to DreamHost Abuse

Please see attached notice of copyright infringement, which has also been pasted below. Thank you very much for your time and attention to this matter. Please note that, in addition to the below infringement, the site itself appears to be nothing more than a spam redirect and an attempt to capitalize on my clients domain name.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to you to avail myself of my rights under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and/or the European Directive on Electronic Commerce (EDEC). This letter is a Notice of Infringement as authorized in § 512 of the U.S. Copyright Law and EU Directive 2000/31/EC. I wish to report an instance of what I feel in good faith is an instance or Copyright Infringement. The infringing material appears on the Service for which you are the designated agent.

You are either registered with the U.S. Copyright Office as the designated service provider agent to receive notifications of alleged copyright infringement with respect to users of the service or have listed this information as the appropriate account to file such complaints on your site.

1. The material which I contend belongs to myself or my client, and appears illegally on the Service is the following:

Various AwareBear Images

2. The material appears at the website addresses:


3. The material appears on my or my client’s Web site at these addresses:


4. My contact information is as follows:

[name and company details of the DMCA agent removed]

Filed on Behalf of:

Aware Bear
Andre Alves
5 Monroe Ave
Pittsford, New York 14534
Phone: 585-473-7035
Email: solutions@awarebear.com

5. I have a good faith belief that the use of the material that appears on the service is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or by operation of law.

6. The information in this notice is accurate, and I am either the copyright owner or I am authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

I declare under the perjury laws of the United States of America that this notification is true and correct.


[name removed]

Note: [company name removed] is acting as an authorized DMCA agent and is solely responsible for the preparation and submission of the DMCA notice.

Don’t you just love the lies Andre Leite Alves manages to concoct?

As the DMCA takedown notice reads, “Please note that, in addition to the below infringement, the site itself appears to be nothing more than a spam redirect and an attempt to capitalize on my clients domain name.”

So this site is a spam redirect now? Amazing! I challenge anyone reading this to google the name of the habitual liar and discover the countless attempts he’s made to influence search engine results to combat the negative exposure that his actions have received here and in other places over the many years. It is unfortunate for Andre Leite Alves and Aware Bear being presented in a satirical manner here but there is a limit to how many times this clown should get away with his lies.

I think poor Andre was projecting a little too much when he came up with the “spam redirect” idea considering that he has produced tons of content and posted it all over the internet for just one single purpose. And yet, even after spending so much time over those many years, he accomplished nothing with it (nor will he, but he hasn’t figured that out yet, as I said, he is not the brightest bulb).

It’s also funny how all of Andre Leite Alves’ link-farm experiment sites use basic WordPress themes. I wonder if he will be starting to claim those are his designs just like he seems to do with anything that his eyes see.

The images will be back up shortly as I entertain the full counter notice of the DMCA process. In order not to expose the current web-host as this process resolves itself, you can view the images here, here, and here if you want.


Gerald Jameson YourLocalTechGuy

Gerald Jameson Your Local Tech Guy caught conducting copyright infringementA recent tip (thanks McQ!) by someone who recognized my office on a website that has nothing to do with me had led to yet another entry in the Office Thieves Hall of Shame. Today it’s Gerald Jameson, also known as Your Local Tech Guy (at yourlocaltechguy.com).

The website that the image of my home office was discovered on contained a little bit of information about its owner and his business, such as:

My name is Ger­ald Jame­son and I would like to be your local tech guy. I have over 20 years expe­ri­ence set­ting up, maintain­ing and repair­ing com­puters and var­i­ous sys­tems.

I guess those 20 years of experience did not include the the experience or knowledge that simply taking pictures from the web, no matter how much you might like them, and using them on your own website and/or for commercial and business purposes. I don’t know much about computer repair but I bet that repairing computers must be easier than repairing reputations.

Not only can I help with hard­ware, I can help with soft­ware set-up, choos­ing the right soft­ware or train­ing. This also includes Inter­net marketing,web design, graphic design, and pub­li­ca­tion design.

So if you have prob­lems with your com­puter, need a web site designed or just need advice on the lat­est tech I can help you.

This, of course, is the part why Gerald is present in the Office Thieves Gallery of Shame. Someone offering web design services, commercially in Shelby County and Tipton County, and yet did what he did? I would not want to work with such a web designer who might end up using copyrighted material without permission. In fact, I advise everyone to avoid such “web designers” like the plague. Especially since it could get you exposed like Shami Haq and Andre Leite Alves of Aware Bear Computers.

You could say if it is hard­ware, soft­ware or tech related, I have been involved with it.

And now getting caught at copyright infringement can be added to the list of things Gerald Jameson has been involved with. 🙂

It does speak for Gerald, though, that he replaced the unauthorized picture of my home office with something that could very well be some home office stock photo within mere hours of me notifying him of the infringement and offering the option to remove it or properly accrediting and linking it to its original source website. I suspect doing the latter was too complicated for Gerald as he just replaced the image and then decided to hide in a corner, not even trying to pass off a lame explanation along the lines of “I didn’t know you can’t just take pictures off the internet” or “the web designer did it” (which would’ve been funny considering Gerald’s YourLocalTechGuy business offers web design services. 🙂


EndeverouX at NextGenUpdate

On several forums on the internet someone using the nickname EndeverouX, claiming to work on PS3 hacks and something called ONYX 3.56 CFW 3.56, is using the images of my home office in his posts and signatures. THIS IS NOT ME but just some pathetic individual who is often called a fake and a fraud by his peers and who felt it was a good idea to use the images of my home office in the false hope of gaining some credibility from his peers.

EndeverouX on NextGenUpdate (NGU) and his ONYX 3.56 CFW PS3 is a complete fraud!

Needless to say, EndeverouX has now accomplished exactly the opposite because any credibility he might have had is now being taken away as I expose him for the fraud that he truly must be.

EndeverouX has been making waves and noise in the world of the Sony PS3 (PlayStation 3) with various claims about him working on some firmware hacks under the name of ONYX 3.56 CFW. Don’t ask me what that is or what that’s even about. Anyone who knows me or has read my FAQ knows that I don’t play computer games and that I don’t even own any computer game console of any kind. But from the stuff I’ve seen on the nextgenupdate.com site it seems it all revolves about hacking this ONYX 3.56 CFW stuff for the PS3.

Many of EndeverouX’s peers in the PS3 forums have considered his statements and claims to be bullshit combined with a serious level of lies and fraud. Whether that is true I don’t know but I think all those people who say that about him are probably correct in their assessment of EndeverouX.

There is no doubt in my mind that if someone has to show off my office and claim it’s their workstations and their “studio” and then have the audacity to use them as images in every post they make it is nothing less than a sign of very low self-esteem. It is also a sign of being incredibly stupid and DUMB because so many millions of viewers have seen the images over the years on my site and recognize them as such.

If you examine the above screenshot of one of his posts I’m sure you’ll get a laugh out of it. Notice how he’s having arguments with his peers and claims he “will not stop down to anyone’s low level”. But, EndeverouX, you have stopped much lower than anyone’s low level and this is the proof!

The reason I discovered this was after getting a lot of hits from some Spanish PS3 forum in which EndeverouX “studio” was mentioned. One of the Spanish users ran the image through TinEye and called EndeverouX for what he really is; a complete and utter fake who wanted to impress his peers with something that isn’t his. A quick search led me to the “home base” of this pathetic individual (who claims to be a 29-year old with 9 years of experience yet that is drawn into doubt by his peers).

I have asked EndeverouX why he is using the images of my home office in the manner in which he does but he has not come up with any explanation as of yet. Not that it really matters because anyone reading this can probably figure that one out without his help.

I have also sent an official copyright infringement notice to the folks over at the nextgenupdate.com forum since it is their forum that EndeverouX is using to publish, without permission and obvious fraudulent intentions, the images of my home office. I expect the forum admins will be removing the images as per my request (I bet they wouldn’t want to be held liable for someone who’s so clearly a complete fraud). I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up banning this EndeverouX person from their forums in violation of the policies (such as not posing copyrighted material).

EndeverouX on NextGenUpdate (NGU) and his ONYX 3.56 CFW PS3 is a complete fraud!Of course, what someone like EndeverouX wants is attention and it is very clear from his actions in the whole PS3 scene that it is what he craves. I doubt he wanted the kind of attention this will now bring to him, though.

Especially on a site that’s so heavily visited as mine. I bet a little extra exposure on the officethieves.com website wouldn’t hurt either.

It’s a new kind of category for EndeverouX. I don’t think I have ever encountered an individual who’s claims are questioned by his peers and then to counter the doubts that are issues decides to use my office images to “buy” him some (non-existent and baseless) credibility.

With EndeverouX and his exposure on my website I hope to make it perfectly clear that anyone who saw the images and recognized them as my home office now also knows that it was not me on those forums.

Wow, EndeverouX, you really are a piece of work, aren’t you?

Update: I was wondering why I was getting so many visitors looking for EndeverouX and CFW and ONYX 3.56. But the Google search results on the left explains exactly where all those visitors and web traffic is coming from.

Welcome to your last 15 minutes of “fame”, EndeverouX. You’ve worked very hard for it so please be proud of yourself. 🙂