This website is a public hall of shame for all those individuals and companies that for any purposes, commercial or otherwise, have been caught in the act of copyright infringement, impersonation, and misrepresentation of the images and photographs of the widely recognized and known Home Office of software architect and developer Stefan Didak who no longer wishes to riddle his site with articles about yet another infringement. This site is dedicated to these companies and individuals.

Shame on them!

I never intended my site to become a massive expose on criminal fraudsters and con-artists, individuals with inferiority complexes that wish to photoshop themselves into my office images and pass it off as if it was theirs, companies who wish to imply an association or affiliation with me and my business activities by including images of my home office on their web-sites or printed marketing materials, or in more broader terms the simply dumb and ignorant individuals who do not appear to have a clue about copyright laws and what constitutes copyright infringement.

For many months now I have joked about putting it all on a separate site with good SEO ranking and call it the “Hall of Shame” or the “Shaming Pole” but considering that I don’t want to spend too much time on all this, at least not more than I have to or more than I feel has any entertainment value it has taken a while before this idea turned itself into the web-site you’re now looking at. Of course, there is nothing entertaining and funny about copyright infringement and even less entertainment value in being wrongly and falsely associated or affiliated with products or business activities of those who have decided to use my images for their own commercial use.

Some gets to deal with the legal repercussions while others get a firm cease and desist (e.g. “takedown”) summons and yet others stick their head so deep in the sand that a simple DMCA filing takes care of the matter. Yet some of these individuals and companies are so stupendously ignorant that it becomes funny to see their responses and actions. I have lost track of how many times I’ve heard “it’s the web designer that put it there, we’re not responsible”. Sorry but you are, responsible, if you use images that you have no release or authorization to use. Go look at your indemnification clauses with your web designer or web design company that you contracted and hold them liable for it.

There is clearly are large numbers of people out there who seem to think that if an image is on Flickr or on the web or shows up in a Google image search you can just save it to your desktop and start using it for any purpose your heart desires. Some of those end up paying dearly for ignorance of the law. Some get eternally shamed as a result as well. Either way, it’s always a bad idea to just take some images you find and use them and “we didn’t know where it came from or who owned it” is no excuse (examine the countless court cases in which that defense has never worked).

Because people are funny creatures that often have a hard time learning things the simple way then perhaps they need to learn it the hard way and that’s exactly why this site exists. I bet that those who get eternally shamed and exposed will think twice about pulling the same trick of just grabbing images from everywhere and using them at their discretion. Well, almost everyone because it does not deter the most ignorant and ill-willed fraudsters like, for example, Andre Leite Alves of Aware Bear Computers in Pittsford, NY.

For more information about me or my home office or the previous incarnation of the office or my blog, please use the links coded into this sentence. 🙂

Stefan Didak.