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Gerald Jameson Your Local Tech Guy caught conducting copyright infringementA recent tip (thanks McQ!) by someone who recognized my office on a website that has nothing to do with me had led to yet another entry in the Office Thieves Hall of Shame. Today it’s Gerald Jameson, also known as Your Local Tech Guy (at

The website that the image of my home office was discovered on contained a little bit of information about its owner and his business, such as:

My name is Ger­ald Jame­son and I would like to be your local tech guy. I have over 20 years expe­ri­ence set­ting up, maintain­ing and repair­ing com­puters and var­i­ous sys­tems.

I guess those 20 years of experience did not include the the experience or knowledge that simply taking pictures from the web, no matter how much you might like them, and using them on your own website and/or for commercial and business purposes. I don’t know much about computer repair but I bet that repairing computers must be easier than repairing reputations.

Not only can I help with hard­ware, I can help with soft­ware set-up, choos­ing the right soft­ware or train­ing. This also includes Inter­net marketing,web design, graphic design, and pub­li­ca­tion design.

So if you have prob­lems with your com­puter, need a web site designed or just need advice on the lat­est tech I can help you.

This, of course, is the part why Gerald is present in the Office Thieves Gallery of Shame. Someone offering web design services, commercially in Shelby County and Tipton County, and yet did what he did? I would not want to work with such a web designer who might end up using copyrighted material without permission. In fact, I advise everyone to avoid such “web designers” like the plague. Especially since it could get you exposed like Shami Haq and Andre Leite Alves of Aware Bear Computers.

You could say if it is hard­ware, soft­ware or tech related, I have been involved with it.

And now getting caught at copyright infringement can be added to the list of things Gerald Jameson has been involved with. 🙂

It does speak for Gerald, though, that he replaced the unauthorized picture of my home office with something that could very well be some home office stock photo within mere hours of me notifying him of the infringement and offering the option to remove it or properly accrediting and linking it to its original source website. I suspect doing the latter was too complicated for Gerald as he just replaced the image and then decided to hide in a corner, not even trying to pass off a lame explanation along the lines of “I didn’t know you can’t just take pictures off the internet” or “the web designer did it” (which would’ve been funny considering Gerald’s YourLocalTechGuy business offers web design services. 🙂

About Stefan Didak

Stefan Didak, software architect and developer, known throughout the internet for the "insane" Home Office setup that has attracted millions of visitors over the many years, and now, inadvertently an educator in the field of copyright infringement.


  1. I’m particularly found of his new stock image. The laptop looks like it’s from the mid-90s. What’s that, like an _8 inch_ screen?! Whoa!

  2. Fred Zifford says:

    If I were Gerald Jameson, copywrite infringement is the least of anyones worries. It looks to me like a guy just being a goofball IT tech making a simple error. The fact that he took it down is proof enough his intent was harmless, nor did he make any profit rom it. in other words, a harmless mistake no judge would allow in his courtroom..

    That said, if i were Gerald Jameson, Id go get me a lawyer and sue the shit out you for libel. It is clear from your certified post here that you not only tore this guys reputaion apart by mistakenly posting your obnoxious office photo, but tell everyone not to do business with him. Any lost revinue caused from this, you are totally responsible for, plus punitive damages and attorney fees. Since this post was up for almost a year, that would be a pretty penny.

    With your attitude, I wouldnt hire you to wash my car. Man what a dumbass, and you say youre aneducator in copywrite infringement? That’s hilarious.

    • Stefan Didak says:

      I wish I was a better educator in the realm of copyright infringement because if I was you would have probably read things more closely and be able to spell copyright correctly. 🙂

      I do not agree that taking images and using them, whether you do or do not know the origin of, is a matter of “simple error”. But perhaps you would also buy the “sorry, I didn’t know who’s car this was so I just took it for a ride” as a reasonable explanation. Anyone who does those things AND claims they want to build and design your website for you is clearly someone who shouldn’t be in that business and could cause a lot of trouble for their customers. Hence, as I say, and will repeat, I will happily tell everyone not to do business with such a business or person. The reason for using images of others, without permission, is quite irrelevant. Whether he hoped it would make him look better or create an alternative perception is likely. And if that’s the case then again, I would tell everyone not to do business with such a business or person because clearly they like to create a false impression.

      As for lawyers that want to sue me, I always welcome the entertainment. Especially since I have a history of “eating lawyers for breakfast” and successfully having wiped the floor with some of the really expensive big firms out there. Everyone has to have a hobby, right? Wrestling alligators just didn’t do it for me. 🙂

      PS. You might first want to research exactly what libel is and how it works before using big words like that. Just some friendly advice to prevent you from looking a little, ah, uneducated, shall we say.

  3. Michael says:

    Wow, do you really think peoples reputations are ruined by some obscure copyright law infringement on a picture of some nobody’s office set up? Maybe you should spend a few hours each day away for that office of yours…..

    • Stefan Didak says:

      In most cases it’s not about ruining reputations but rather highlighting the truly pathetic nature of some individuals and companies that seem to have a strong desire to pass things off that are not their own. You know, that thing called lying… which I guess you might consider some obscure activity! 🙂

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