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I was made aware of this case of copyright infringement using an image of my Home Office by someone who had seen my website and recognized the image on the Queensland Connectors & Cables website. Something that happens a lot and isn’t surprising considering just how many visitors my website gets, on average.

The person that notified me is a local in the area of where Qld. Connectors and Cables is operating from, namely Milton QLD, Australia. The company itself is located at Unit 2/10 Dorsey Street and had been notified by the individual that found them using my image. However, Qld Connectors and Cables didn’t respond to that and failed to take the image offline so the information about the company was passed along to me.

As you can see from the screenshot above (you can click it for a larger image) an image of my Home Office was being used to promote a USB-SVIDEO device. According to the marketing statements the converter works as a second video card and allows you to connect an extra monitor to your desktop PC or laptop’s USB port and will support resolutions of up to 1920×1200 and 2048×1152.

Unfortunately, the choice of image in combination with this device IMPLIES that a setup like my home office would be possible with the device. There are several other brands of these things out there and trust me, creating a setup like mine will not work with these devices.

However, the way Qld. Connectors and Cables presents it and attempted to conduct their marketing and sales efforts is what I consider to be FALSE ADVERTISING. After all, you are using an image of a setup that is completely different, technically different, and designed for a different purpose than the product that was being advertised on their site.

Shame on Qld. Connectors & Cables for false advertising.

Needless to say, after Qld. Connectors and Cables did not respond to the original notification and I was informed of this infringement it didn’t take long (under 2 hours, a very quick result) to resolve the matter. A single demand explaining the legal and potential harm to their reputation was enough for Qld. Connectors and Cables to reconsider the way they were promoting this USB-SVIDEO device and the image was immediately taken down as the demands stated.

In case you’re wondering, the squashed format of the stolen image of my Home Office is entirely the way that Qld. Connectors & Cables had put it on their site, making the multi-wide-screen setup look even much wider than it really is. The least you could do when you steal my office images is to at least make sure the proportions are still correct, I would think! 🙂

About Stefan Didak

Stefan Didak, software architect and developer, known throughout the internet for the "insane" Home Office setup that has attracted millions of visitors over the many years, and now, inadvertently an educator in the field of copyright infringement.

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