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If you’ve never heard of Transworld International Youth Organization welcome to the club. I sure never heard of them. Until now, that is.

What you see here is a grab of the “contact us” page of this organization which I assume now can confirm must be is some kind of scam. Why else would a real organization use a picture of MY office on their “contact us” page, implying it’s their “head office”? The address listed for Transworld International Youth Organization (TIYO?) is Brunham Road, FT. Smith, Arkansas, United States of America.

There is very little you can find about this organization but if you search for the name of their secretary, supposedly a person going by the name of Professor William Kim Higgins, you will find this particular e-mail (from 2003) where the person posting the e-mail asks whether this is a scam or not.

What strikes me as really funny, and is perhaps related to someone not paying attention. The URL is part of the office photo because it links directly to one of the images on my site. If you’ve come to my site with questions about Transworld International Youth Organization or Prof. William Kim Higgins because you saw my URL in what they claim is their “head office” picture then I’m afraid I can’t help you. I have no idea who that is or what that organization is trying to do but I can tell you, it isn’t anything good and you are likely to lose information or money to this organization and the scam they are running. Needless to say, I have absolutely nothing to do with these crooks.

Looking at the rest of the website it just looks like a total scam revolving around global relief re-construction and some kind of vague conference. Note that the main site also has an alternate main page that’s linked from elsewhere in the site. I don’t know what kind of fraud ring this organization or the (probably fake) Prof. William Kim Higgins is running but it sure looks like it’s nothing good and the website does not inspire me with confidence. In fact, the text and content on the site just seems to scream “this is a total scam” as far as I can tell.

If you know more about this, please let me know of leave a comment here.

Addition: Some additional information can also be found here. This link features a warning about a scam called International Youth Org. Saying that an e-mail from one Secretary General, Madam Cynthia Brady is floating around. This particular Transworld Youth Organization uses the address of No 157 West 47th Street, New York, NY 10036.

Another addition: A website called Fraud Watchers also has some info on this scam. It appears the scam attempts to get your name, date of birth, place of birth, passport numbers, country code number, etc. information from you. For what is likely to be nefarious purposes.

Update April 4th, 2009: The scammers have killed their site. After exposing them in my post and updating an image on their site it only took them a week to discover the game was over. They had not just taken one of my office images, they linked directly to it. I modified that image so everyone visiting the website of these scammers showed THIS image. I expected they’d notice that sooner or later and take the image off. Instead, they just deleted their entire site (which was hosted by FreeServers).

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  1. Nicole says:

    Thanks so much for writing this, it seems like they are at it again. I got an email this morning stating that they wanted to host a conference both in the US and Guinea Bissau. But we all know what these genuine emails look like plus the fact that I live in the Caribbean meant that I was not part of their mailing list. Also the fact that I think there was one I received earlier in the year asking for my passport details make me suspicious. Again thanks,

  2. tanks very much., for your research it seems like they are at it again,they ve invited me to a conference after which they ask me to book a hotel, after paying for the amount they are now asking me to deposit another money before making it to the conference, please investigate for me whether judith brandy is the USsecretary general for me and get back to me.

  3. i received a letter for world youth conference and i gave my passport number to them but later i found that it was a scam so could you help me bail out of this situation

    • Stefan Didak says:

      Unfortunately I can’t bail you out of the situation since I am neither a lawyer nor law enforcement of any kind. The only place to deal with this would be the police, FBI, etc. But since this is all part of “typical” 419 fraud there is probably not much help out there that makes any difference.

  4. nafiu adewale says:

    tanks very much fir this information, i m a victim of this scmmmers, i got a letter that i was invited to attend the conference in NY and pay 50 euros to a fake hotel in senegal and after the payment , i was asked again to deposit 1000 dollars to the same fake hotel, that is when i became suspicious nad decided to find out more aboiut the organization and came up with your site. there is one jennyven winsthrop and one madam cynthia brandy.please how can these pple be brought to justice

  5. Irene jumbo says: irene and i got a message from a lady called christy jackson inviting me for a conference in the USA so i accepted and later told me to contact for ma requirement so i did just that but my messenge i sent i later so a reply from a lady called judith brandy..i didnt understand because my messege didnt go i checkd on goggle n i realize is a fraud..

  6. Olusegun Taramisore says:

    Thank you so much. I received an invitation from Jenny Ven to attend an international youth conference and later received mail from Madam Judith Brandy Secretary General of Trans Youth. gave me an hotel in Dakar senegal to pay 50euros per night for the hotel. I asked my brother to find out about the hotel and replied that the hotel is real but staffs don’t know about any programme like that. I called the manager and said they are official hotel for the pragramme. On my search to know how real the programme I ind your site, though I have never pay for the Hotel.
    Please work on those peolpe so thea they will stop this fraud act.

  7. currently the same people are sending people youth conference invitations, world globalization organisation 2013 venue NY US 14-19 januar 2013 and also in Dakar senegal, all to do is to pay for a reservative hotel. I got the message and google to this page, i lost nothing but gain knowledge thank u very much

  8. Gehleigbe Bobson Bleh says:

    Thanks for this helpful information. I have been in communication with a young lady who claimed to be a student in the UK.
    She recommended me to this organization to attend conferences in the US from September 10-14, 2013 and in Dakar, Senegal from September 17-22, 2013.

    I received emails from one Madam Cynthia Brandy, the General Secretary. She asked me to send my passport number, country code, and more and I did.

    The next email I received told me to pay 360 pounds for a hotel in Dakar and the organization was going to pay me back.

    But I had a second thought why are they asking me to pay money for a conference that is being sponsored by the organization.

    I decided to do a background check and found out that it is a scam.

    Thanks for this site and please advise if you think they can do anything with my information.

  9. Julius says:

    thanks alot i first receivce a mail from a certain lady call herself a UK Student, requesting for frinedship, later she send for me so call good news in the name of youth conference on youth violence whichto take place in NY USA and then to senegal. she invited me and reccomended me to write to the sec. organizer for more detials and registration process of which i did and the reply from the organizer was requesting me to send in my passport detials and book for Hotel duroyal in senegal then i ask my mind that my friend told me that everything will be cater for, why should i have to pay for the hotel, then i fanally google and found the its a fake conference and to people outside there be very careful with this people do hurry first google search. for me it has save me for loosing information and money

    thanks you so much for your effort.
    God Bless you.

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